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“Fiercely talented…She takes favorites that you thought you knew

 and infuses them with an intensely personal point of view” 

The New York Times


Maxine has been very busy this Spring! To see her upcoming appearances, head on over to the “Where Am I?” page! 


Maxine is featured on USA Today’s “Top 10 Intriguing Tracks” by Elysa Gardner!

On Beautiful Songs, Linehan lends her warm, throbbing voice to an inspired medley celebrating the kind of romantic love that endures.”

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of Beautiful Songs

THE HUFFINGTON POST says Maxine is “A CONFIDENT AND POWERFUL SINGER” and the ALBUM, “A simple and understated title, “BEAUTIFUL SONGS” is respectfully fitting, as it lets the music speak for itself, which it does incredibly through a collection of titles, arrangements, and, of course, Linehan’s remarkable voice and talent” CLICK HERE to read the glowing review and interview!

Watch Highlights from Beautiful Songs on YouTube!